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The Game Episode 7: The Personality Test


We know you keep hearing it, but it’s true. We really are obsessed with human behaviour. So much so that we have been spending the better part of last year perfecting our very own psychology model. Now that’s commitment.

Monkey Lion Dog cuts straight through the stuff that doesn’t work (that we have been traditionally conditioned to think works best) and focuses on the stuff we intuitively know works. To prove this point, let’s play a little game...

You are a marketer. You have something to sell. Now imagine your database can only have one of the two criteria: 1. Demographic data 2. Intrinsic motivations. Which would you choose to have?

Initially, you might say that demographic data is most valuable. But the truth is that, no matter what you are selling, there are going to be thousands of other people trying to push the same message you are. So congratulations, now you are the 2,382th ad trying to sell 18-year-old girls science books.

What would really differentiate you from the others would be to really understand where your customer is coming from and what they really want.
Ultimately, people are always looking for a feeling, not a product - they want to know how it will make them feel, not chasing the possession of the object itself. If you can replace “Buy cheap science books here” with “Excel in your parent’s eyes” - now you’ve got her attention.

Of course, the truth is that what marketers need is a balance of both demographic data and intrinsic motivations - but so often we forget that beyond cold demographic data lies the picture of a complex human being. People are too complex to lump together into groups purely based on their age, gender or hair colour.

So we pushed Monkey Lion Dog on the channels in order to allow people to understand more about themselves; what drives them in life, what their intrinsic motivations are. Because of the nature of this campaign - very social - we predicted that it would perform best on Facebook, which it did. As the model offers personal insight, it makes us want to share with our friends to see how we compare and to learn more about our acquaintances.

The beauty of this model is that it works in any context - it can be applied with clients, customers, friends and, very helpfully, coworkers. We’ve decided to turn Monkey Lion Dog into a tool for teams as well as marketers - since understanding the people we spend most of our days with is undeniably crucial in our office ecosystem’s well being.

To watch the full video, click here.

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