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The Game Episode 4: The Last Bleed

Razors4U (R4U) is an ecommerce start-up that sells popular brands of razor blades and shaving products worldwide. went live in November 2014, selling Gillette and Wilkinson Sword blades and handles up to 40% cheaper than major competitors (online and in the high street) along with free shipping. With their Shave Club, replacement blades come through the letterbox every 4,8 or 12 weeks automatically. The concept is fantastic, however, the challenge was getting customers excited about purchasing razor blades. This is why R4U called Lab. They needed a step-change in awareness and to reduce CPA dramatically in digital channels. We knew that optimisation of search and social campaigns simply wasn’t enough. We needed to add some neuro-charged behavioural economics to change buyer behaviour and disrupt shoppers in ‘discovery’ mode.

The brief and objectives were simple: Double the customer base in six months using a blend of digital channels - primarily via search, display, paid social and remarketing. We used the best AdTech, neuro principles and a series of nudges in our ad copy and creative approach, all designed to transform performance.

As a result, we tripled the customer base and reduced the CPA by 60%, often hitting conversion rates of 12%+. Most of this transformational performance came from a few simple lines of text in ad copy.

To find out more about the results of this campaign, and the nudges we used, catch our latest episode of The Game here.

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