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The European Marketing Tech Conference 2015


How Does A Business Stop Being Relevant?

Gradually then suddenly, as Ernest Hemingway said. To twist one of his quotes to meet the needs of this post seems fairly appropriate and also highlights one of the key themes from this conference. Last week’s European Martech conference (hybrid of marketing & technology) focused on the need for marketing and business to be adaptable, in order to enrich the customer experience. Being “fungible” in Martech was the word of the day. Being cautious of this highlighted the risks of “Mediumism” as Brian Solis defines it in X: The Experience When Business Meets Design. Mediumism, he explains, is “placing inordinate weight on the technology of any medium rather than amplifying platform strengths to deliver desired, integrated experiences.” This could see your business produce foggy and sub-optimal experiences that gradually eat away your brand’s identity until it’s too late to recover.

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