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The end is nigh


Big brands taking on plastic, why having a digital prefix will stunt your career, the trouble with boozy deserts, and a psychedelic look at modern dating.

The end is nigh.

A robot? Replace you? In your line of work? Impossible! Unlikely! …Probably.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – Britannia, we’re going to need a bigger boat.

Leading the way in seeking alternatives to plastic, big brand names Starbucks and McDonalds are putting sustainability and corporate responsibility at the heart of their brands; joining forces to end cup waste by sponsoring the design of a fully recyclable, compostable cup within three years.

Following the Trump protests in London and Scotland last week, a celebratory device to help you let out your frustrations. Quite literally.

Now available at all good protests, the disposable Trump Lady Wee Device.

God bless America.

To which we welcome the return of Sacha Baron Cohen. The British comedian has been making headlines this week with Who is America? The answer: predictably unsettlingly.

Back in London, a giant, half-naked Jeff Goldblum.

‘It’s thrilling to say yes to something and have no idea how you will pull it off’ says Manchester-based illustrator, Sonny Ross as he tells Lecture in Progress why ‘drawing is like a desert’.

The D word. We continuously wear it as a badge of honour in this new plug-in world – but should we? Mark Ritson with his three reasons why having a digital prefix will stunt your career.

Have you considered getting your in-house creative team to seek out their own external client base for project opportunities? Feels a little inside out, right? Emma Sexton weighs up the pros and cons.

Jessica will know. The genius that is Jessica! Where would you be without Jessica? No, but reallywhere would you be without Jessica?

Wonder around the streets of Soho long enough and you’ll come across Robert Rubbish. Rubbish by name - not by nature - the illustrator has made a home of London’s night-hub, gathering stories and anecdotes from local legends and stars of the area over the years.

This week, he talks to Nicer Tuesdays.

Enjoying that luxury mini Marks & Spencers sherry trifle are you Peter? Drinking its sweet, sweet nectar down like its available on tap? Didn’t touch the sides? Have another! Why not? It’s your birthday! One for the road? I don’t think so buddy.

We want our streaming queue and we want it now. Thank God then, for Netflix, who have redesigned their TV interface with new sidebar and separate sections for your favourite shows and flicks.

Hackers. Turns out they’re a pretty unlikeable lot. Meet the SIM Hijackers who seized Instagram handles and crypotocurrency in a shady, buzzing underground market for stolen accounts and usernames.

What does childbirth feel like? We aren’t lying guys.

Disfigured creatures scrolling through dating apps and a crystal ball that serves up partner recommendations. Finally, a realistic depiction of the modern dating scene.

Brace yourself. It’s the psychedelic world of Father John Misty.

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