The DMA's Asli Yildiz at Data Protection World Forum

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The DMA's Asli Yildiz at Data Protection World Forum


At London’s largest data protection conference, the Data Protection World Forum, the DMA’s new head of legal, Asli Yildiz drew large crowds to hear her presentation on ePrivacy and other data matters.

The DMA was sponsoring a speaking stage which hosted a plethora of interesting speakers from across the industry. None drew larger crowds, however, than the DMA’s own Asli Yildiz, who spoke about the EU’s ePrivacy legislation that remains in the pipeline.

While originally intended to be brought in at the same time as GDPR, the ePrivacy legislation has proved to be heavily contentious and suffered from numerous delays. It still sits with the EU Council, who continue to be discontent with numerous clauses in the text.

Asli Yildiz went into detail on the issues around B2B marketing and telemarketing which remain concerns of the data and marketing industry.

It is somewhat likely that the ePrivacy text will now be delayed until after the next EU parliament elections in May. However, it is likely that the text will be picked up as is after the new parliamentarians are in place.

The good news is that, at the very least, any changes for the worse will be delayed.

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