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The DMA Politics Podcast 18: Dr Philippa Whitford MP


Are you bewildered by Brexit? Boris got you blindsided? Does parliament seem pearshaped?

Politics can indeed be a bit nuts. That's why the DMA has made the DMA Politics Podcast! Each episode, Public Affairs Manager, Michael Sturrock, guides you through what has been happening in the realms of politics and policy. By the end, you'll be more in the loop than most of the cabinet.

With close ties to Brussels, Westminster and Holyrood, the DMA is well-placed to tackle the vibrant political scene and its impacts for UK marketers.

Episode 18 is now live!

This week, Michael speaks to the SNP's Spokesperson for Health at Westminster, Dr Philippa Whitford MP, about the Scottish Government's new contact tracing app, Protect Scotland.

Prior to becoming the MP for Central Ayrshire, Dr Whitford was a breast cancer surgeon in the NHS for 30 years and has enormous experience in health in practice, and now, in health policy.

As well as diving into the discussion around the Protect Scotland app, how it works and the various ethical issues surrounding their use, we chat about her experience as a doctor and how parliament is coping in the coronavirus pandemic.

You can read more from Dr Whitford and many other experts in policy, academia and industry, in our COVID-19 Contact Tracing App article series as part of the Value of Data campaign on our website.

You can follow Dr Philippa on twitter @Dr_PhilippaW

Stream the audio version of the podcast here:

If you have any questions or would like us to cover any specific things you’ve seen in the news, get in touch with Michael at, or on Twitter: @MichaelSturrock.

You can also tweet to the DMA's Twitter account, @DMA_UK - be sure to use #DMAPolPod!

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