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The DMA politics podcast


The UK's marketers are busy people - and politics never sleeps.

So to keep the former in the loop about the latter, the DMA has launched a politics podcast. The podcast will look politics and the impact of political upheaval through a data, marketing and creative industries lens.

Taking the reins are the DMA's own External Affairs team, led by Director of Policy and Compliance, John Mitchison supported by External Affairs Manager Zach Thornton and External Affairs Executive Michael Sturrock.

With close ties to Brussels, Westminster and Holyrood, they're well placed to tackle the vibrant (understatement?) political scene and its impacts for UK marketers.

Episode 5 is now live! This morning, Theresa May and Donald Tusk sent letters to each other asking for different lengths of extension - so who's going to budge? Also, a bill ruling out no-deal is making its way through the Commons and Lords. But does it actually rule out no deal? All this and more in this week's episode.

If you have any questions or would like us to cover any specific things you’ve seen in the news, get in touch with Zach or Michael at and

You can also tweet to our Twitter account, @DMA_UK - be sure to use #DMAPolPod.

Previous episodes Episodes

Episode 1: The DMA Politics Podcast Launches! In a tumultuous time in British Politics, the external affairs team have decided to lend their infinite wisdom (no sniggering) to the debate. We cover Theresa May's vote of no-confidence, the delayed vote on the Withdrawal Agreement and explain what the Irish Backstop is and why that matters. Click here to listen

Episode 2: MPs were back at work after the Christmas break and the government faced two important defeats that will hamper their Brexit deal dreams... Click here to listen

Episode 3: Learn about preparing for no-deal and all else happening in the Brexit process. Click here to listen

Episode 4: This week, MPs had more votes on what they wanted the Brexit deal to look like. No-deal was voted down and Parliamentarians gave the option to the Government to extend the Brexit process in order to get a deal... But how will it all play out? Click here to listen

Episode 5: Tune in to hear the latest developments in the Brexit process after John Bercow's intervention this week. We also discuss our successes in the lobbying world and why this work alone should be a reason to join the DMA! Click here to listen

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