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Find out what the post-Brexit means for you and your business; learn why the pandemic has led to more compassion in marketing; read up on how to make your campaigns more sustainable from Edit Agency; take a look at the latest learning opportunities from the IDM and see who won Gold, Silver and Bronze at the DMA Awards 2020.

Brexit: Deal Includes Extension for Data Adequacy Negotiations

In 2020, the UK and EU decided to treat data adequacy as a separate issue, but the post-Brexit trade deal reached on 31 December now means this must be agreed on. Though the extension period for negotiations is six months, recent developments suggest an adequacy deal isn’t likely. This means businesses need to prepare for the chance of a no deal on data by June 2021. Click the link to find out what will happen during the interim period.

DMA Insight: Coronavirus Creates Opportunity for Compassionate Marketing

In a year that has seen coronavirus, social unrest, natural disasters, and political turmoil, it comes as no surprise that brands felt the need to be more customer-centric. Get an overview of how coronavirus has forced a rethink on how brands advertise. This investigative infographic looks at the increase of businesses taking on a more thoughtful approach to how they communicate with consumers.

Sustainable Marketing: Quick Wins

How can you make your marketing more sustainable? Sarah Burns, Head of Media Solutions, Edit Agency, explores some changes you can easily incorporate that will make a positive difference and help create more sustainable marketing campaigns. The West and Wales Council have formed a committee which will focus on environmental issues within the data and marketing industry. If you’d like to get involved, or would like more information, get in touch.

Learning Opportunities from The IDM

The IDM has launched three new online courses which are now for booking and immediate start:

IDM Award in Content Marketing Strategy

This IDM Award takes you through the planning process, bringing together branding, messaging, and content types, so you can maximise value to your audience and business.

IDM Award in Digital Marketing Strategy

Explore the optimal methods of driving traffic to your website through PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, and display ads. Gain a better understanding of how to target new audiences and discover methods of planning your marketing as part of an omni-channel campaign.

IDM Award in Email Marketing Strategy

Discover how to capture the attention of your audience through email. Gain a better understanding of how to plan and build a successful data-driven, customer-focused, email strategy.

DMA Awards 2020: The Winning Work

34 categories packed with the best work in the industry, check out the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of the DMA Awards 2020. Huge congratulations once again to Different Kettle, the Bristol-based agency who won Gold in our Charity category for their 'Don't be fooled by a smile' campaign with World Animal Protection.

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