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The DMA endorses report on data flows by Select Committee on Exiting the European Union


For a long time, the DMA and other industry bodies and businesses have waxed lyrical about the necessity for the UK to maintain the extensive ties we share with the EU. Indeed, just last week the DMA’s Michael Sturrock penned an article in The Scotsman arguing for exactly that.

It was a pleasant surprise to see, then, that the Select Committee on Exiting the European Union’s Report was in near-perfect harmony with the views of the data and marketing industry.

Above all, the report shows us that the lobbying by the DMA and other bodies has been successful and that those in Parliament and Government do understand what is at stake for our industry.

More specifically, the Committee recommends that any change that lessens the flow of data with the EU will be hugely damaging to the wealth of UK businesses that rely on the free flow of data and that a data treaty would be the best option for preserving the data flow status quo.

Furthermore, any delay in being able to assure businesses that a data treaty will be agreed will create uncertainty that will also have damaging effects.

Perhaps surprisingly, ardent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg was one of the Committee members who signed off the report in all but its entirety. He unsuccessfully voted against the insertion of a clause which recommended that the UK be subject to European Court of Justice rulings on data in the event that the UK and EU sought a data treaty agreement. He also voted (unsuccessfully) against sharing the final report with the House.

Overall, the industry can take this report as a positive. It is clear our interests can be and are expressed to Parliament and Government effectively, and that we are listened to. Nonetheless, work is still to be done to ensure that these recommendations are respected at every stage of Brexit negotiations.

The DMA has previously worked with the government to advance a close-knit position on data and will continue to do so going forward.

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