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The DMA Christmas game: Cloudy with a chance of baubles


The DMA's Christmas game is here (see below) and it's a cracker - yeah, a CRACKER.

Each December, Santa criss-crosses this wonderful world of ours in record time (maybe he could sort out Southern Rail?) powered by reindeer, hipflasks full of grog and pockets stuffed with mince pies.

But it's not plain sailing. Au contraire my festive friends, and this year you'll see why.


Santa needs them to fire him around the globe in time to be back to the North Pole before Mrs. Santa locks him out of Claus Castle. It's a tough scehdule.

Basically, this year's game puts you in the front seat of Santa's sleigh, and you've got to bump as many baubles as possible to build a winning score.

You'll need to avoid nasty lumps of coal hanging about: they'll shave off valuable seconds of your playing time if you collide with too many of them and then, well, maybe some pretty peeved kids won't be getting Justin Bieber jumpers for Christmas. Seriously.

So fly fast and true, and hit those baubles and stay cool under pressure.

Merry Christmas yer filthy animals.

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