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The devil is in the detail


The Reindeer Princess, the top marketing moments of 2017, Ed Milliband's Christmas card, and how the lord of darkness ended up working at a gluten-free bakery in Shoreditch.

From ‘workout Jesus’ to this year’s most famous sausage roll; the worst nativity scenes of 2017.

Because nothing says ‘seasons greetings’ like yuletide bleach.

Turkey! Sprouts! A box of Quality Street!

Turkey. Sprouts. A box of Quality Street.

Turkey… Sprouts… A box of Quality Stre-oh dear god, make it stop.

The relentlessness of a festive menu can lose its appeal fairly quickly. Other dishes are available.

A short film for the festive season. Ad agency, Anomaly bring us a tale of a sweet girl named Hope who makes an innocent typo in her letter to Santa, mistakenly addressing it to the lord of darkness, Satan. Worth a watch for the Patrick Stewart voice over alone.

Film. 11 years after the final instalment of the original series, the Ocean’s 8 trailer has landed. Hitting the big screens next June and boasting an all-star ensemble lead by Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, keep your eyes peeled for more from 2018’s biggest heist.

If you see a bandwagon, the general consensus is to jump on it. Looking to the year ahead, Mark Ritson buckles you in for marketing’s ‘big seven’ in 2018.

Rejection. It hurts, we know. But what it we began to use it for good? See how one copywriter turned her creative frustrations into a podcast.

Capturing intimate and candid moments - perhaps one of the most significant roles of the photographer. For this week’s Creative Lives podcast, Laura Pannack speaks on what a typical day looks like as a freelancer and her path into photography.

The end of December is a time of reflection, and that goes for brands too. Marketers from Coke, First Direct and Sky share their marketing moments of 2017.

Skiing off the back of a reindeer is a thing. It’s actually a thing.

Transporting you to a snowy Norwegian town to tell the true story of a young woman’s struggle to belong in her traditional community, Esso brings you The Reindeer Princess.

2015. Ed Miliband eats a bacon sandwich in public.

2017. Ed Miliband eats a bacon sandwich in a leather jacket. Riding a motorbike. On a Christmas card.

Word. Y’heard? No, not many have.

Music videos have come a long way since writing your name on walls in spray paint and dancing under a bridge with your “crew”. An art form in their own right, and an increasingly vital marketing tool, Creative Insight count down their top ten music videos of the year gone by.

Do you hate Paloma Faith? Do you hate Jack Black? Do you hate Christmas? Then you’ll really hate this.

A new year means a chance for new beginnings. Or something like that.

With ambition in mind, Artsy have kindly laid out their top tips for how to apply for artist residencies, grants and more creative opportunities.

‘Now remember Susan, less is more’ said Neil kissing his wife to on the cheek as he closed the door to their family home, leaving for another long day in the office.

Susan had other plans.

With a season two premiere that drew more than 15 million viewers in three days, perhaps the only way to round off this year’s revelries is with this 2017's biggest Netflix hit, Stranger Things.

And you thought it couldn’t get any stranger.

Until next year peoples.

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