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The Deal or No Deal Dilemma


We all make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions every day. Our decisions are influenced by cognitive and behavioural biases that don’t always result in outcomes we expect.

To show exactly how much we are influenced by cognitive biases, we teamed up with content production agency Amoveo and went out on the streets of London to do an experiment.

Watch the experiment and learn more here.

Our approach
At Lab, we believe that understanding why people do what they do is key when creating successful digital experiences. By using an unique approach based on established psychological theories, we are able to understand customers and make better predictions of their responses.

The Deal or no Deal Dilemma is one of several experiments we have run to get a better understanding for human behaviour. In The Halo Effect we combined video and neuroscience techniques to test the effects that making small changes had on the overall experience, and in Curiosity in the Lab we wanted to discover the sensory preferences, knee-jerk reactions and intrinsic motives of users.

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