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The big binge


Steven Spielberg's latest trailer, sprouts and karaoke together as one, the relationship between design and human health, and a period of unapologetic, unadulterated consumption.

Be alone. It’s what baby Jesus would have wanted.

In the spirit of Christmas, the capital’s biggest fatberg is to be put on display in the Museum of London.

A carefully-crafted mug of tea. Amidst the turmoil of modern office life, MRM Meteorite’s chief executive, Olly Foot explains why tea is the social glue that binds agencies together.

If times are indeed, a-changing, then Levi aren’t letting it get to them. Talking remaining relevant and keeping pace with change, vice-president, Chris Jackman speaks to campaign about the brand’s long established relationship with music.

What happens when you feed a bot all seven Harry Potter books and get it to write an eighth? Arguably the finest piece of literature of our generation.

Nerds assemble. The trailer for Steven Spielberg’s latest science fiction mega-monster has dropped - and it’s a good’un.

Riding on the trend of 80s pop culture references of recent times, Ready Player One is based on Ernie Cline’s debut novel, telling a tale of a dystopian world where society spends a majority of their time in a virtual reality system, that means players can visit any conceivable world.

Oh irony, you glorious thing, you.

A big, empty, warm space on Christmas day. Why had nobody thought of it before?

If you aren’t over-consuming absolutely everything in sight then is it even Christmas?

And we aren’t just talking pigs in blankets and enough mince pies to feed a small village in South Wales for a year. The Christmas period presents us with the perfect excuse to reacquaint ourselves with the depths of the sofa and indulge in some quality telly time. From little-seen gems to modern classic, see the best films and TV shows to watch this December.

Not that bingeing has been an issue for 2017. Just ask Netflix.

Following Spotify’s suit, the streaming brand has used customer data to reveal the channel’s most popular shows and how we’re taking them in.

Batman and Robin. Ant and Dec. Sprouts and karaoke.

In celebration of all-things-festive, for 24 hours only, Sainsbury’s launched the world’s first brussels sprout karaoke Snapchat lens inviting the public to become a #SpringSprout star for the day.

Another duo making waves this week are GraphicDesign&’s Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright. Speaking at Nicer Tuesdays, the pair talk the power of design and the effects it can have on human health.

2018 and all it might bring - exciting, right? Wrong.

Yet, a new year brings new trends. From ‘super coffee’ to desert escapes, Pinterest reveals its top 100 trend predictions for the year ahead.

‘Just be a pushy cow’ says writer, actor, director and owner of Merman, Sharon Horgan on how women can drive creativity in our industry ‘don’t be afraid to learn on the job. Men aren’t afraid to do that.’

Christmas eyebrows. What a time to be alive.

If you haven’t disgraced yourself at yours already, god speed. How to get through the office Christmas party.

Last Sunday night saw an end to BBC’s miraculous Blue Planet II. A series that has taken viewers to the deepest depths of our oceans, introducing us mere mortals to the previously unrealised intelligence of our planet’s sea-dwellers.

In true Attenborough style, the good sir left us with plenty to think about, with a quiet call to action that left viewers with a great deal to think upon.

Mic. Drop.

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