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The $200,000 selfie


How to legally buy a peerage, the $200,000 selfie, Soundcloud founder speaks as his company comes under the spotlight, how a font could bring down the Pakistani government and the end of gender stereotypes in ads

The Advertising Standards Authority will now accept complaints against gender stereotypes in ads as they can perpetuate 'unfair outcomes' for younger people.

Purple commits 22,000 people to community service thanks to small print prank. But will it persuade others to read the small print?

The new £1 coin. One billion have already been minted makes you wonder what the national debt weighs.

A phenomenally camp air safety video from Air New Zealand, noted for classy videos such as this. It features Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr:

More airline creativity. Air France produces a special gum to stop your ears hurting during takeoff and landing, produced by BETC Paris and in two classic French flavours – crème brûlée and pistachio macaron. And another camp video:

Pinterest, part owned by Japanese retailer Rakuten, poaches two Google execs to develop new methods of targeting and ad formats.

Accenture continues to invest in marketing services after its acquisition of Karmarama, buying digital testing specialists Clearhead.

Dominant in flip-flops, Bazilian brand Havianas sold for $1.1 bn to a consortium of Brazilian banks.

Mark Ritson is concerned about M&S, which many see as THE brand that’s a bellweather for the nation.

Your guide to buying a peerage, and possible additional benefits (assuming you are willing to go to court, that is).

The $200,000 selfie - watch the top right hand corner of this video. But is it, as many have posed, a publicity stunt?

Isn’t it time to make media fun again, asks Mindshare’s global CEO Nick Emery? Brian Jacobs responds by asking: so what are you going to do about it?

First major interview with Soundcloud founder Alex Ljung. The 'Twitter for music' is very popular with musicians, but has failed to make money despite consistently increasing revenue.

How a font (in case you’re wondering, it's Calibri) could bring down the Pakistani government.

What's your ad philosophy? It’s probably wrong, says the ad contrarian. Here's also his guide to the day in the life of a blogger.

As the 1980s are in vogue, read the backstory of the magazine that defines the middle to late part of the decade, The Face.

Perception is everything says Dave Trott.

Vikki Ross and her guide to what copywriting is REALLY like today, three ways.

In praise of the Leica, the camera that revolutionised photography.

A little late for Wimbledon, but the new Haagen-dazs ad, featuring some tennis and Pharell Williams, by Saatchi & Saatchi London, apparently designed to appeal to millennials.

The joy of Jay Rayner, on sharing. He’s not a fan.

Caught short? This map will help.

Is Brexit driving brands to set up shop in capitals around mainland Europe? The anecdotal evidence is growing and the alternative capital of Europe, Berlin, is proving popular because it’s ‘fun’. A poet considers this appeal.

Advertising should be worth talking about. Shouldn’t it?

Bold expansion plans from EE, to create 100 new stores.

Now JK Rowling is absorbed in other things, one of the powerhouses of children’s publishing is Philip Pullman. But here’s why you should buy his book from an independent seller.

Is Spotify creating ‘fake’ music? Great overview of some of the possibly unreal artists who tend to produce emotive piano pieces.

Inside IBM’s Wimbledon bunker, which is chocka of laptops, but also uses AI for almost everything:

20th Century didn’t turn to an agency for its ‘digital transformation’ but to Salesforce.

RG/A’s view on the factors changing adland: consumption, disruption and innovation.

Alexa/Echo suggests Amazon Choice 60% of the time according to this piece. This has big implications if you defer your choice to Amazon's AI - who chooses your products?

Britvic hands creative to VCCP and Saatchi & Saatchi. Their most famous ads are surely the 1990s Tango campaign, of which is the best remembered. Always tongue-in-cheek this does now look, how can we put this, a bit Brexit:

A consortium of French publishers challenge the duopoly. Are we at peak duopoly?

Man trapped in cash machine escapes by passing notes through it to unsuspecting customers.

John Rentoul on the benefits of ‘whom’ and evils of ‘utilise’ (opinions we share at the DMA).

French marching band plays Daft Punk medley for Macron and Trump on Bastille Day:

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