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Succeeding in the Financial Services Industry Alongside the FinTechs


So, let’s start at the beginning, what is FinTech?

According to PwC, FinTech describes the evolving intersection of financial services and technology. It can refer to start-ups, tech companies, or even legacy companies. Although the line is beginning to blur between the two.

The Impact of FinTech

Research from Innovative Finance has indicated that the FinTech sector is due to expand by over 50% over the next 12 years. It’s no surprise that they are eating up market share; 56% of FinTech brands state that disruption is their key strategy and 80% of established financial services providers see them as a risk. PwC reports that 88% of financial institutions are becoming increasingly concerned they are losing money to the innovators in FinTech.

But why are they such a threat? A survey in America noted that 70% of customers believe that FinTech brands are flexible and able to provide solutions using new technology that works to improve the customer experience.

Access to Your Customer Data

FinTech firms take the advantage as they have the ability to access their customer data easily, in a Single Customer View, using it to make informed marketing and general business decisions. This allows them to leverage their data to take advantage of new platforms swiftly and easily. For many older, bigger institutions, they can be hampered by data that is scarcely available and when it is available, it is often already out of date. PwC agree, having found that 54% of the large financial institutions see data storage, privacy and protection as the main regulatory barrier to innovation.

How a Customer Data Platform makes this a reality

Data driven marketing is the key to success in today’s marketing arena. Being able to bring together all of your customer data, from any source, into a single customer record is crucial in helping you drive personalised marketing communications. A Customer Data Platform would also put your customer data in your hands, rather than you having to request out of date data exports from other departments. This is what will give you the same advantage as the FinTechs.

Looking for some help?

We will conduct a free review of your marketing automation against your competitors. Find out how you compare to some of the top brands in your sector and how you can use your data more effectively to improve customer experience and grow your market share. Visit our finance industry page for more information.

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