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Stop invalid contact details damaging your ROI


The very basics can be derailed by a simple error. When a customer enters their contact details, and especially a phone number into a website form, it doesn’t take much to enter an invalid number. When this happens and it goes undetected, the customer cannot be contacted. Uncontactable leads are not good for the all-important ROI, and they are of course, not good for the customer journey. The service they are expecting will be delayed or not reach them at all.

[1]As a general rule, the more leads you contact, the more you will convert and the greater your ROI from lead generation.’

If you are a lead generation company and the leads you are providing are inaccurate, there is another sort of loss. You will damage your reputation and devalue your service. Having high quality leads is crucial for being a reliable and trustworthy lead generation provider. Providing incorrect lead details to business customers causes inconvenience, lost revenue and can damage professional relationships.

To stop inaccurate contact details polluting your database or your lead generation, there are a number of data validation services to catch invalid details at the moment of entry. Phone and Email validation highlight invalid details, so they can be retyped correctly rather than go into a system.

For the UK's number one removals comparison website, using Postcode Lookup, email and phone validation has been integral to strengthening its lead generation.

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