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Stop giving clients what they want


It might seem like good business to keep your client happy by giving them what they want – after all, clients are where the money comes from.

But your client isn’t paying you to make them happy. They’re paying you to be creative. They’re not paying you for an idea they like; they’re paying you for an idea that consumers love.

Unfortunately, both clients and creatives often forget this. And as the experts in creativity, it’s our job to remind everyone from time to time.

So don’t be afraid to dig deeper. Don’t accept a brief based on false assumptions. Never assume your client knows more than you do. And always ask ‘Why?’

It might annoy your client, but it’s the only way to give them what they really want – an effective idea that’s worth the money they’re paying for it.

Trust me: in the long run, they’ll be happier.


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