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Stability and Support: Keys to Sustainable Print and Digital Communications Delivery


Whether it be on the composition side of creating the print or digital assets (including documents) or further downstream where the production is managed and sent into the delivery network, companies have merged, changed focus, expanded and, sometimes, disappeared. In this ever-changing landscape, it is easy to take stability, longevity and continual support for granted.

This is where evaluating your provider/vendor network is important. At Solimar Systems, we take pride in being in this business for over 25 years. But there is more to it than that. At our core, we have always been a part of the production process for print, digital print, and fully-digital communications.

All the way back to mainframes and a pre-PDF world. Some still call this post-composition, others will call it print workflow management and still others will refer to this as Customer Communications Management, or CCM for short. There is even a HVTO acronym that has been tossed out there over the decades that stands for High-Volume Transactional Output.

Mergers and Acquisitions are a part of our landscape, but the impact they have on the people who manage the operations and production print environments can be positive and negative. It truly depends on the infrastructure and changes made by the providers. One of the assets our clients have using Solimar’s Chemistry Platform of print and digital communications solutions is the ability to weather changes by their other vendor partners…changes that are in most cases out of their control.

In the past decade, we have seen the completion of the IBM-Ricoh acquisition, Canon-Oce and more recently in the news, Fuji-Xerox. We have also seen expansions from Screen and HP, as well as, hard times from companies like Kodak—who even so is still providing solutions to the market today. On the software side, you see changes from giants like Pitney Bowes and OpenText, including the split up of EMC to the former and to Dell. The result for the people in the trenches can be end-of-life on certain software, changing terms of service (a la the old Xenos-Actuate days) and the creation of a need to get from one point in a production print or digital communication process to another that is no longer possible or effective with the current toolset.

That is where Solimar and our team excels. Our solutions are built to connect disparate pieces of production hardware and software together, securely and efficiently, to give our clients the ability to achieve their print and digital communication needs.

Even with today’s advanced technology, we find clients need a safety net—a way to complete their work, meet their requirements (sometimes legislated), extend their current investments and have better visibility and oversight.

Our mission is to be the link whenever and wherever you need it in your production CCM, print or digital communications environment. Whether it is a stop gap between new solutions or a strategic part of your workflow management. And if you aren’t quite sure about where you are on the stop-gap/strategic continuum, let us help you chart your point with our Client Assessment program.

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