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Social media measurement - is yours on the road to success or lost en route?


Social media measurement is a very interesting topic of discussion, everyone seems to have their own opinion, and the answers vary hugely.

So how do you measure your social media campaigns? Depending on what type of organisation you work for and what the overall business objectives are your measurement methods of success may vary. That said, regardless of social media measurement, every organisation should have overall business measurement metrics – you would be surprised however, how many there are though that don’t!

My suggestion is park social media in the first instance and focus on these key aspects of your organisation:-

- What are your organisations objectives?

- What does success look like? For example £1M of revenue a year? 20 sales a month? 2 enquiries a week?

- Who is your target audience? Who buys from you/uses your service already?

When you know the answer to these questions you can then move to measuring your social media success. If you sell online then it can be fairly straight forward – i.e. tracking sales online via social media through Google Analytics. Tracking your sales as well as website traffic is a top priority. Ultimately you should be measuring your social media against these aspects of your business.

Want to know more? The Social Media Council have produced a great guide which will help with measurement, strategy and much more – download it for free as a DMA member here

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