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Social ads: The Power of hyper-targeting


When it comes to your target audience, less is more. A hyper-targeted audience will enable you to gauge exactly who your most lucrative audience segments are. Once you have this information you can scale up. This is where Facebook ads come into their own as it targets people based primarily on their interests. It is a highly cost-effective acquisition marketing channel that will enable you to build your audience pipeline.

61 % of marketers believe Facebook advertising is on the rise, and we would agree. Some of the core benefits include fine-tuned targeting, a large mobile audience, extensive analytics, improved scalability and upward trending click-through rates.

Defining how established and known a brand is or how much the audience likes the advertised products is key. Generally we find that well established brands produce more cost effective results due to an already existing high level of brand awareness. However, that doesn’t mean that smaller brands can’t achieve impressive results; rather, building awareness needs to be worked into the campaign.

Social advertising certainly offers organisations of all sizes great returns on investment. However, without the expertise to navigate, what still appears like a relatively new advertising landscape to those outside the sector, it is easy for companies’ to rapidly become frustrated as the returns are scarce and their budgets get sucked dry.

And, one final word of advice from the team at Mighty Social and the ATOM our ad tech division, it is key to remember that the focus should not be on brand awareness but rather on getting your target audience to experience your brand. Only positive brand interaction will have a transformational effect on your bottom line.

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