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So Just What Are The Benefits Of Clean Data?


Clean data is an integral part of successful marketing and it is key to making your business a success. With direct mail, telephone and e-mail being the main source of communication, it is essential for the right message to go to the right person. Knowing your customer will increase sales and return on investment, data cleaning will ensure you keep up to date with your client base at all times.

Data8’s Data Cleansing Service Includes:

PAF Address Correction – Improves marketing effectiveness, ensures data accuracy, saves mailing costs, postal discounts.

Telephone Appending – Improves telemarketing campaigns, increases ROI, adds value to your data, helps improve telephone append match rates by up to 20%

Advanced de-duplication – Reduces costs of database, reduces costs of database by reducing the number of contacts, protects brand image, reduces mailing costs

Goneaway Identification – Saves time and money, increases marketing effectiveness, protects brand image, ensures your company is legally compliant.

Deceased Screening – protects brand image, reduces outbound communication costs, increases ROI, helps to make intelligent business decisions.

Mover identification – Saves money and increases ROI, over 6 million house moves per year, improves the quality and value of your database, maintains a relationship with your customers

Telephone Validation – saves call handlers time, saves money, increases campaign effectiveness.

Email Validation – Reduces email bounces, improves your online reputation, identifies and fixes common spelling errors, detects free and disposable addresses.

TPS/CTPS/MPS – Saves wasting telephone operator time, safeguard your corporate reputation by bad publicity.

Investor and Demographic Profiling – Appends age, income and wealth indicators against your customers, includes the Edited Electoral Roll, Rolling Register and more.

Give your data a free health check today, try our interactive data cleansing portal which will not only identify areas of incorrect data but will also analyse and add value to it.

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