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Small Google Analytics Changes for 2016


Google has recently released some small changes to GA. Firstly, you are now able to quickly generate test links. Secondly, the default segments ‘All Sessions’ is renamed to ‘All Users’ and lastly, you can quickly view your segment conditions. Let's take a look at these in more detail.

1. Put your traffic to the test

Have you published GA changes and want to know if they have been successful? Sending Test Traffic to your website is an easy way to quickly generate test linksand ideal for GA savvy and less versed GA wizards. By clicking on the ‘Send test traffic’ button, Google Analytics sends a hit to your website by opening the URL you specified in your Property Settings. This will open another window and utm parameters will be added to the URL to easily track your page. This feature isespecially useful for testing your campaigns by viewing this in the real-time traffic reports. To make use of this new feature, go into your Admin section underWeb Property > Tracking Info > Tracking Code. If your changes are correct, then the active-user count will be updated. Note that the update can take up to 30 seconds.

Send test traffic

2. Segment name change

The default segment ‘All Sessions’ has had a name change and is now called ‘All Users.’ Do not worry! The segment works the same as before, so your data won’t be affected, it’s just the name that has changed. Also, a teeny tiny change that comes with it is that next to the percentage that is shown when a segment is applied, you now see if this relates to pageviews or sessions depending on which GA report you are looking at.

GA segment name change

3. Quickly view segment conditions

A handy change, and one that many GA analysts have been waiting on for a long time, is the ability to quickly view your segment's conditions. When you have a segment applied, just click on ‘View segment definition’ and it will show what your segment comprises. This saves you time as you don’t have to click on ‘Edit’ and then wait for your segment to open.

Quickly view segment conditions

GA segment preview

Stand the PX test of time!

Go ahead and start testing and segmenting data in GA. If you need any help with the above or if you are interested in getting involved with our analytics team, give us a shout as we are here to help with any questions or queries you might have.

To view this blog written by James Howard on Periscopix's website, please click here.

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