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Service with a (digital) smile â putting the customer first


The phrase ‘tough customer’ can now apply to just about all of us. We have endless amounts of choice but not an endless attention span. Consumers are fickle, have all the power and access what they want at a tap or swipe. It’s no wonder that brands can begin to feel disconnected, frustrated at the lack of loyalty and worn out from endless demand. The risk is that clients begin to lose sight of the importance of putting the customer first. Agencies can help re-dress the balance by providing a solution that maps out the entire customer journey in a single view – customers are engaged at the right time and the relationship becomes less one-sided and more reciprocal.

The human element

Humans are complex creatures so figuring out what customers want isn’t always easy. Putting them first sounds warm and fuzzy but it doesn’t always mean that’s what they are after. Take Tinder for instance – it’s wildly successful but it’s based on an element that can bring out your ruthless side as another person can be swiped away in less than a second. Uber on the other hand uses the same instant technology but to make us feel safe – no late night cashpoint stops and it always tells you who your driver is (name and picture) and what they are driving. The point is that, even though objectives vary, these brands succeed because what the customer wants first goes first. All savvy brands capture this information and that’s where a single digital platform like IBM’s Digital Experience can really help brands and customers to connect – or re-connect.

Hearts and minds

For your clients, the right balance between ‘hearts and minds’ is crucial to success. Leading retailer Performance Bicycle provides inspiration for marketers looking to help brands move their customer’s relationship to the next level. They built a new space on their website called the ‘Learning Center’ which harnessed the passion and knowledge of their employees through interesting and useful content. Not only were they able to boost sales to their e-commerce site but they also struck the right balance between expertise and having a friendly approach for those new to their brand. The integration also allowed Performance Bicycle to create a single view of their customer. Without having to ask, they could tailor recommendations and offers in an instant. Modern technology can now provide the means to preserve the lifelong basis of business success: customer service with a smile.

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