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Self-awareness is a Superpower


Whilst being conscious is to think, having self-awareness is to, on a meta-level, think about your own thoughts and actions. Without self-awareness, it’s hard to make changes to your behaviour and personality. The more you pay attention to your emotions and actions, the better you understand why you do the things you do, which is the starting point for improvement.

That’s why we refer to self-awareness as a superpower – it has the power to change your life.

However, becoming self-aware requires a little experimentation.

Perceptual Positions
In week 3 of our 12 week NLP Practitioner course, led by Lab’s Director of Human Technology Daryll Scott, we completed an exercise called Perceptual Positions. We found it to be exceptionally powerful for driving self-awareness.

The takeaway
The Perceptual Positions exercise will:

• Give you valuable insight into your behaviour and how others interpret you
• Help you see things from others’ points of view
• Improve communication skills

Download our whitepaper to follow the exercise and learn more about its benefits.

Want to learn more?
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