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Securing the future of one-to-one fundraising


Framing the discussion around one-to-one fundraising reform, regulation, evolution and future-proofing

Negative publicity throughout summer 2015 has brought to light a number of significant issues in the way the fundraising sector approaches its supporters.

While charities generally strive with real integrity to raise funds as best they can and for the best reasons, it has suddenly become a moral, practical and legal imperative for the sector to evolve quickly or face loss of trust, revenue and freedom of operation.

While this root-and-branch review of the sector has been born from very negative circumstances, it now provides a hugely positive and welcome opportunity to help individual charities and the sector as a whole to overcome many challenges that it faces.

The DMA’s fundraising taskforce has been set up to help charities and the charity sector make this rapid evolution. It’s an open and inclusive group of third sector stakeholders, engaged with identifying the current issues, risks and opportunities – as well as leading the development of real and viable solutions.

It takes an industry-wide view and aims to help charities put their supporters at the heart of all fundraising efforts, recognising that they are the most important people in the entire charity process and that what is right for them is ultimately best for your organisation and its beneficiaries.

The ‘Securing the future of one-to-one fundraising’ whitepaper presents the ideas of the taskforce, aiming to both frame the discussion and invite meaningful participation from all parties: large organisations, small organisations, consumer groups, data brokers, regulators and all other stakeholders. In its current form, it helps charities, supporters and the sector as a whole in three key ways:

  1. Providing a brief context and outline of the key challenges facing supporters, charities and the sector as a whole
  2. Raising some fundamental questions to frame discussion in the sector, including at an initial sector-wide ‘Future of fundraising’ workshop that will be hosted by the DMA on 16th March (details below)
  3. Offering clarity understanding and insight for you to dial into your current and next fundraising activities by simply brining these key questions to the fore

If you would like to help shape, secure and strengthen the charity sector’s future, the DMA fundraising taskforce invites you to closely follow and join in with this sector-wide development of innovative new solutions and opportunities.

There was a workshop on 16th March that brought together an array of senior charity experts to discuss the questions raised in this whitepaper and collate ideas and opinions. The taskforce is currently producing a report summarising this contribution, expected to be published in June.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please contact Emma-Jayne Quinn, Head of Councils at the DMA, at to add your expertise and insight at this pivotal moment.

Securing the future of one-to-one fundraising whitepaper

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