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Scottish Talent Hub: looking ahead


Earlier this month, DMA Scotland’s Talent Hub came together for the first time since Standard Life’s Firas Khnaisser took up the mantle of DMA Scotland.

New leadership, of course, requires new direction and the meeting was a lively discussion about the exciting possibilities and opportunities in sourcing and promoting talent in the Scottish data and marketing industries.

As with DMA Talent doon south o’ the border, the desire to create initiatives to help young people get into fulfilling jobs in the data and marketing sector is a core driver. Scotland is an increasingly important place in data, marketing and skills, with many businesses cropping up to serve the wider industry in original and award-winning ways. Marrying together the younger generation’s potential with this hive of industry activity will certainly produce brilliant results.

What’s more, earmarked investment in the marketing and data from the Scottish Government provides the exciting opportunity to work with policymakers to deliver real change for the industry.

For now, the cogs are whirring and plans are being discussed. Whatever the future holds for DMA Scotland, we can be sure that the new members of the Hub will provide the drive for new and exciting things!

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