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Safe Harbor - Model Contract Clauses for EU - US data export and processing

I'm already starting to see "model clause" addendums coming out to allow EU companies to continue to use US-based partners, CRM solutions and other data services.
The standard model clauses which I have seen place the onus of responsibility, and liability, on the exporter (i.e. you) to make it easier for the data subject to obtain redress should there be a data breach or a misuse of the data.

If you want to sign a model contract like this with a US-based partner or supplier you should probably take legal advice first.

At the very least you must understand the liability you are accepting and as such you must perform a data protection audit which documents the types of data being exported, what processing is to be carried out, the information security processes of the partner and a full list of the partners which they use for sub-contracting data processing or storage.

This should also be carried out for EU-based cloud providers who transfer backups, login details, support details, etc outside of the EU.

Read this for the ICO's current guidance:

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And to follow on from this, now my own EU cloud provider has just emailed me to say that they transfer data to the US, so I need to sign a new contract absolving them of any blame should they or their partners cause a data breach!