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Royal Mail launches Mail Men campaign


18 months of research. 5 leading industry experts. 1 campaign.

Our Story

We’re living in a digital age. I’m writing this as a blog not a letter and you’re reading it on a screen not a piece of paper. So where does that leave the role of mail?

At Royal Mail, we didn’t just ask ourselves that question. To find out how people interact with mail in the digital age we conducted an 18-month research programme, using some of the latest research methods and technologies.

The results proved that even in 2015, mail is thriving. Mail is opened, mail is read and mail is kept. Mail is a multi-sensory experience, and research proves that right now, it’s more relevant than ever.

Meet The Mailmen

This is exciting news so not surprisingly we wanted to tell the world. To show the impact this research has had, mail is being endorsed by five of the marketing industry’s biggest names, including the worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi and the UK CEO of MediaCom. They’re all spokespeople for our Mailmen campaign, which goes live today.

The campaign introduces all the findings of our research, which we’re publishing in a book entitled The Private Life of Mail. The results are broken down into four areas: Mail in the Home, Mail in the Heart, Mail in the Head and Mail in the Wallet and they’re all a must read.

To finish up I thought I’d pull out one key statistic. On average, advertising mail is kept in the home for 17 days. Or, to put it another way, mail is the only way to get your brand stuck on the fridge next to the kid’s paintings.

To find out more about the role mail can play in the digital age go to

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