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Marketing opportunities are everywhere for car dealerships looking to sell vehicles and many are up to speed on the value of direct mail in the battle for sales.

But lots are missing out by not realising just how easily direct mail can be improved from the mundane to the eye catching.

We’ve all seen the sort of thing – bland mailshot invitations to open evenings and the like. With a bit of thought and the right approach mailings can be turned into communications which are destined to be stuck on the fridge rather than lobbed into the recycling.

A lot of it is down to the direct mail tool dealerships choose, as not all of them out there allow data to be used as effectively as others.

Many dealerships could take a leaf out of Skipton and Keighley Ford’s book. This major West Yorkshire Ford dealer recently saw a 20% increase in enquiries after teaming up with Hello Market, the versatile, free to use, online direct mail platform.

Marketing manager Jak Bardsley now uses Hello Market for all the dealership’s date-triggered communications, such as MOT, servicing and warranty reminders and also for sales generation events such as new model launches and new registration days.

He highlighted the ability to personalise offers to target specific customers as a great strength. Hello Market offers almost limitless opportunities to personalise communications regardless of the size of the print run.

Jak praised the system as user friendly with the team always on hand to help. He liked the account functionality - to have all of their personalised printed communications set up and ready to order in minutes proved invaluable. Plus the branch management facility where head offices can approve, lock down and allocate campaign set-ups to different users and branches, which they can then order in line with their activity schedule.

The account storage of designs, images and data costs nothing and no payment is demanded until the point of ordering so tools are free to use.

As Skipton and Keighley Ford have found, with Hello Market dealerships can make the most of the knowledge they have about their customers. Using this data effectively will allow targeted campaigns which bring in the business.

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