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Reinventing face-to-face marketing in the remote-working era


In recent months, customer behaviour has changed at a staggering rate of 71 percent. As offices closed their doors, remote ones were set up in kitchens across the globe. The adoption of digital became necessary for business survival. As we head into the eighth month of the unplanned, remote-working era, marketing and sales leaders are continuing to employ innovative ways to replicate a human approach in order to generate pipeline.

But how successful have they been?

To discover how organisations are overcoming current challenges in order to continue nurturing customer relationships virtually, we’re calling all marketing and sales leaders in the technology industry to take part in our recent survey, The Power of Human Marketing: Face-to-Face Engagement in the WFH Era.

How has your organisation's marketing and sales been impacted by the inability to run face-to-face activities?

What’s the biggest challenge your organisation is currently facing?

What virtual engagement activities have proven the most successful?

These are just a few of the questions we want to uncover the answers to. By collating a range of responses, we aim to develop an in-depth understanding of how organisations are innovating to keep up with evolving business demands – and share our findings with you!

To help us delve even deeper, business leaders will be given the opportunity to be interviewed by a member of our team and gain access to a series of exclusive virtual networking events. These insights, combined with our own learnings from our recent pivot to virtual events, will be used to create a virtual marketing playbook.

Take the short survey today and share your experiences of adapting and reinventing your face-to-face engagement offering. In return, you’ll receive a free copy of our comprehensive report!

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