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Recycle your database to boost your marketing campaign success

Recycling and repurposing content is a cost-effective approach that sees marketers fully exploiting their initial content spend. But can the same principle be applied to your database?

3 ways to maximise your database
Break down your customer database into lists of different customer types – 'personas'.
From these, you can understand what each persona's needs and business pains are – and tweak your content/marketing strategy to appeal to each specific persona.

Action list
Locate, for example, five different personas within the same sector you are targeting.
Take an existing planned campaign and its core content and messaging.
Create five similar campaigns from this one campaign – each one tailored for the specific needs of each persona.
That one campaign has now been recycled effectively, maximising your ROI on the original content.

By pulling together the location information in your database, you can localise and target campaigns to specific territories.
Uncover new territories that you may have missed before because such data was previously ignored or hidden.

Hire a reputable data cleaning services/profiling provider to aid with your recycling plans. It will be able to offer:

Data profiling
By drilling down into your database, the provider can identify your best customers, find key identifying characteristics – and even identify all-new customers based on these characteristics.
This analytical approach is invaluable to creating personas based on data and not mere 'gut instinct'.

Expansion services
By using these defined characteristics, a reputable data provider will be able to locate new untapped markets that can be exploited immediately; these could be based on geographic location or fresh data from its own database that will complement and expand on your own records by revealing vital statistics such as...

  • Employee size
  • Turnover figure
  • Contacts
  • Premise type
  • Gone-aways
  • Industry sector

By examining your existing database, the provider could double the size of your existing market overnight.

Your database contains hidden vital leads and opportunities that can only be unlocked via data profiling.
Data analysis will reveal how your existing campaigns can be recycled and retargeted to exploit new opportunities.
Employ a reputable data provider and use their profiling expertise and data cleaning services to maximise your ROI.

By DMA guest blogger Julie Knight, Marketing Director, Marketscan

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