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Putting your eggs in one basket â digital marketing in the cloud


The consumer has gone free-range – once couped up with little choice they now have options at every turn. Ironically as the consumer journey gets more complex, digital marketers look to bring everything back into one place to give clients the whole picture. Agencies are under pressure to tie up separate strands of a campaign into one nice neat bow and one of the quickest ways to do this is to offer complete integration through a cloud-based solution.

Keeping your flock happy

We already know that IBM’s Digital Experience platform provides seamless integration to create highly targeted customer profiles but a good question for digital marketers to ask is how this can translate into the cloud and where the benefits are, rather than just the pain points. A study conducted by IDC provides valuable insight as it assessed the business value of the Digital Experience platform in the cloud. It focused on 15 companies, varied in size, location and industry, and their experience of migrating to the cloud. There were a number of benefits identified but those most valuable to marketers was the ability to deliver high impact campaigns to market quickly and the increase in business agility – around 84% more time can be spent serving customers, getting to know them and building effective relationships.

The grass is greener

Even though digital experience translates well, it’s important for marketers to get their house in order before making that leap. Of course every client will have different needs to suit their strategies, values and customers but there are several key components that all good digital marketing clouds should have. This includes mapping engagement through automation, using social and content management tools to tap into conversations and respond with compelling, tailored content and building a picture of what is and isn’t working from a strong analytics platform. If all the pieces work well together, then there is true value for digital marketing agencies to move digital experience to the cloud. Campaigns can be deployed quickly to achieve maximum results – and that means no more running about like a headless chicken.

At a glance – use our infographic to map an effective digital experience for your clients

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