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Puggy banks and bug screen TVs


The year that fashion died, a new look for Formula 1, how to narrate your own life story, and a very Mirry Christmus.

‘Okay, hear me out on this one guys, what if we replaced David Attenborough… with house music?’

Fedoras. Crop tops. Gypsy skirts. Gareth Gates. 2002, the year that fashion died.

Never ask for a promotion. Instead, make your boss an offer they can’t refuse.

Birthdays. AMV BBDO have hit the big 4-0. Marking the occasion with a celebratory video of their greatest works over the past four decades. Roll on the next forty.

Hey, if Katie Price can tell her own life story, then so can you. Beautifully depicted by animator, Olga Makarchuk’s short film, ‘How to Narrate Your Life Story’ is an important reminder to not be so harsh on yourself.

Stuck for ideas? Get creative in under three minutes.

Inspired by feedback from thousands of fans across the globe, the new Formula 1 look has arrived.

‘I don’t think the new one is as iconic’ says Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton of the change, with others following suit. But after 23 years without a rebrand, the bold, flat style design, created by Widen+ Kennedy is just the start, with a wave of further changes on the horizon.

Oh, Emily - we hear you girl.

A healthy debate, it’s good for the soul... Isn’t it? Are we all being sucked in? Oh god.

Be afraid, be very afraid. Brooker is back. Well, almost.

Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s dystopian anthology is expected to return for its fourth series before the year is through –with a sequence of unnerving trailers newly launched this week to have us all shifting uncomfortably in our seats once more.

Divided Britain, times are undeniably, tough. But can hope be found in TV’s recent festive ad offerings? Why brands like John Lewis, M&S and Debenhams are embracing a not-so-white Christmas.

One band, 567 printers, and a lot of paper. It can only be OK Go.

From the best of the marketing industry to the 30 best albums of the year, did 2017 even happen if we don’t provide a host of round-ups to see it off?

A sentiment very much shared by Spotify. Building on the approach of their campaign from last year, ‘Thanks 2016… It’s been weird’, the team are waving au revoir to 2017 with ‘2018 Goals’.

And what to look forward to in 2018? The World Cup. A Royal Wedding. GDPR. Probably, but not necessarily, in that order.

Stash biscuitballs, puggy banks and bug screen TVs are just a handful of Father Christmas’ problems in Air New Zealand’s latest Christmas campaign; a light-hearted take on the unknown difficulties faced in Santa’s workshop.

A very Mirry Christmus, indeed.

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