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Publishing - Far From Vanilla


For the latest issue of Air Business' magazine airnews Stuart Lacey, managing director of Quadrant, shared his thoughts on the increasing demands in support of the publishing industry and commented on the need for brands to stand out and add value, on many levels and platforms, in order to acquire and retain conversions in an increasingly competitive market.

His conclusion? If you’re still vanilla in 2015, you may have to re-think your flavour or at least add some chocolate sprinkles.

Traditional print magazines have gone far beyond just being partnered with a digital edition.

Content is now shared across multiple platforms which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Below are the key takeaways from Stuart’s article. To read the full feature, email to request a copy of airnews.

Key takeaways:

With more consumer choice than ever, publishers need excellent omni-channel fulfilment and customer service throughout the customer journey.

The point of conversion from browser to subscriber has many distractions so this journey needs to be as streamlined as possible.

Make your website mobile-responsive to increase the number of conversions across all devices.

Make the on-boarding process as straight forward as possible. A simple payment process accompanied by a broad range of payment options, such as PayPal for mobile devices, will help complete purchases.

Go ‘beyond-vanilla’ and offer a web-chat facility to overcome obstacles during the online purchasing process.

Despite a great product and customer experience, sometimes subscribers may not wish to renew. Retaining subscribers is as important, if not more so, than acquiring new ones. Choose the right form of communication and address the barriers between them and their continued subscription. Consider options like our Telephone Cancel Saves solution which protected potentially lost revenue, for one of our clients, preventing up to 42% of phone cancellations.

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