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Part 1: Enhancing UX: Enabling shoppers to shop smart and fast and how companies can excel at it

UX refers to user experience which in the world of digitalisation and online shopping improving it has become vital to business success. This is especially true in the highly competitive ecommerce environment.

The KPMG Nunwood’s UK Customer Experience Excellence survey for 2015 has ranked the companies who are prioritising UX and who’ve been seeing the benefits. They’re enhancing the autonomy of customers through providing the customers with a valuable and personalised experience.

Find the full list here.

The director at Nunwood, says of the 2015 results: “The organisations that do well tend to be the ones that are hugely knowledgeable and put the consumer in control.”

It’s about empowering customers to be the smartest and fastest shoppers. The customer’s ability to be both smart and fast depends on whether companies adapt and prioritise UX.

Tweak existing processes

The article recognises that rising in the ranks of providing excellent UX doesn’t require complete overhauls or implementing groundbreaking ideas, “more likely they will be improvements and tweaks to existing processes”. It also recognises that those who don’t adapt to the changing demands of customers will “get left behind.”

In this blog series we’ll take a look at the Ecommerce landscape and share some nifty ways to optimise UX through data solutions.

How data enables smart and fast shopping

In essence, shoppers want to feel resourced to shop smartly. Insight driven communication and personal recommendations for the customer are possible through data capture tools and good data management. Data capture and management enhances the level of personalisation offered. This gives the customer content which is valuable to them, improving their UX.

Shoppers also want to move through the process quickly and smoothly. One way of ensuring this smooth and slick movement is to use data capture tools at Checkout. Data Capture tools minimise keystrokes by 90% and ensure accurate data is captured. This data can then be used for a number of strategic activites: remarketing, personal messaging and responsive communication.

To find out more about Data and Enhancing UX, catch next week’s blog post: Part 2: Enhancing UX: Minimise Costly Cart Abandonment.

See for yourself how Data Capture tools can work for B2C interactions.

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