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Parachutes for breakfast


Crickerting expertise from Chabuddy G, the war on plastic, the Brexit of your dreams, and the biggest power office moves you can make.

Still bleeding your parents dry? So. Hot. Right. Now.

An incomprehensible twenty-something spread-eagle across a prehistoric cobbled street.

The unyielding, ear-piercing positivity of Americans.

Selfie sticks.

How tourists are ruining the world.

In the land of facial-fuzz, some hair-raising stuff with the very best beards in Britain.

It’s been a while since we heard anything from the Mr Men and Little Miss series. All that’s about to change with one female engineer here to challenge stereotypes - meet Little Miss Inventor.

Sport. Or perhaps more specifically, cricket. Following in British Airways’ footsteps, Ogilvy London have enlisted the help of millennial favourite, Chabuddy G - of People Just Do Nothing fame - for the official guide to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

It’s going to be wicket.

A letter to James Corden. Summary: stop it. Just stop it.

As the war on plastics rages on – are balloons next to go?

Tech. Say your sweet, sweet goodbyes to drunken back seat cab rides putting the world to rights with Geoff ‘I know all the shortcuts darling!’ from Stoke. Self-driving taxis – a day in the life.

You’re top of your game. You’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re up to your eyeballs. Don’t stop ‘till you get enough my friend – why CMOs should consider a side hustle.

A font to reignite fundraising efforts and help fund thousands of research projects. A weighty task that Manchester-based graphic designer Rick Banks relished in. See his process on making a font that flows for the British Heart Foundation.

Bad stuff. It’s everywhere – and truth be told – it’s a little overwhelming at times. Seeking to soothe our current hellscape: Google.

‘Hey Google, tell me something good’ is a daily dole out of positivity - a project Google are calling ‘solutions journalism’ – created to spark dialogues about how to make things better. Simply, making good news easier to find – and maybe putting a smile on a few more faces in doing so.

You’re stupid when you’re hungry – and Snickers can prove it.

Spotlight on in-house creativity agencies this week with Lego. Speaking to Marketing Week, global CMO Julia Goldin says bringing creative in-house has been key to improving efficiency and effectiveness, not just in marketing but across the business.

Gamers. You’re not all running prostitutes over with your Turimso classic or pointlessly murdering digital civilians with an MG 08 machine gun – we get it. Times have changed. Non-linear narratives, ambient electronic soundtracks, immersive environments: why games are the future of storytelling.

The Brexit of your dreams. Just imagine. No, reallyimagine.

From taking up a whole meeting room to yourself for absolutely no reason to the all-ruling hand-pause – the biggest office power moves you can make.

‘Parachutes? I eat parachutes for breakfast mate.’

‘We understand that Mr Aikins, it’s just the unpredictability of the wind, and the cost of this stun-‘


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