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Pantone pays proper penance to the Prince of purple


Pantone pays proper penance to the Prince of purple, creating a fake social influencer for $300, a spectacular eclipse taken from a plane, the return of the KLF, the 1980s sound that's back, and the most expensive holiday in history

Agency Mediakix developed fake Instagram ‘influencers’ by creating fictitious personas and buying followers and likes. They created a credible fake persona for $300 that won work.

Music streaming service Electric Jukebox plans to float early next year with a £100 million valuation. Well below 'unicorn' territory, but still very high for a service unlikely to be in profit.

If you felt your holiday was expensive, it wasn't $100 million, which is what it cost the King of Saudi Arabia to go to Morocco. This is reckoned to be the most lavish holiday in history and I just don't know where he would start to query getting a refund.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the foundation of the 1980s sound: gated reverb drums, discovered accidentally by Phil Collins (yes, that Phil Collins).

You probably missed the solar eclipse this week. Plan a trip to Bob Hoffman's elipse marketing summit here, unless of course you went to America (in what some estimate will be the largest migration in human history), then watch this total eclipse taken from an aeroplane in 2016. You see the moon's shadow approaching. Beware - the person who recorded this clip is on the brink of exploding, saying 'Oh my god' over and over and over:

The accountants keep coming. Now Deloitte has bought Stockholm-based Acne, and installed Andy Sandoz, Havas London's former joint executive creative director, to lead its creative servies in the UK. The agency is famous for its deprecating work for Ikea amongst others.

Accenture's foray into creative services has meant a spike in media planning jobs as the whole area seems to lack transparency.

Pantone produces pretty Prince purple.

Kwiff ads, which redefine 'amazing' in a cynically amusing way, by Droga5 London:

Tips to making your videos more interesting from eye tracking research, particularly if the videos are of the 'talking heads' variety, which are consistently rated as uninteresting.

Germany's most Anglophine city, Hamburg, on Brexit.

Thanks to Uber, and problems with its founder, is founder-friendly startup investing over?

What is hyperpersonalisation without any context?

Jeremy Lee asks where wit humour and subversion have gone

New comedy from the creator of The Thick Of It and Veep, Armando Ianucci, The Death of Stalin:

Seven in 10 brands have amended media agency contracts over transparency this year.

Portrayal of parenting in ads - does it still reside in a 1950s bubble or are we finally getting an honest portrayal?

Are 43% of mobile ad impression fraudulent? Recent videos of click factories suggest this could be true.

EasyJet will release an ‘ambient’ album of jet sounds stream 10 hours of it here:

Apple is now setting aside money to make original scripted programming, following Facebook’s announcement last week. The $1bn pledged is significant, but dwarfed by the $7bn Netflix plans to spend next year

What Larry Page should have written to the author of the Google Memo.

Rihanna has designed something new - socks, referencing some of her more famous outfits.

A new ad, part of the much-lauded #likeagirl series, Keep going by Leo Burnett Chicago:

You may remember the ‘smart’ salt shaker from last week. This week we introduce the ‘smart’ water bottle.

Facebook's upcoming app, Bonfire, which apes the video chatting app Houseparty.

How Netflix takes on Hollywood and wins (for now).

The future of robotics, thanks to Boston Dynamics, who have created robots that can do an impressive array of tasks, although as shown in this TED talk, the robot attempting the stack shelves has a long way to go (from 4:50) where a robot has moved up to 2/3 the speed of a human, assuming it doesn’t fall over comically.

Robots can also now heal themselves - an important breakthrough for those needing limb prosthetics.

Now Amazon has won the big for the ATP tour (bar the grand slams), beating Sky, is it only a matter of time before Facebook, Amazon, et al controls the Premier League?

Buy a big old paper dictionary. Better than a thesaurus.

New LCD Soundsystem video with James channelling Nick Broomfield with the album (featuring genuinely awful artwork) out next week:

Nokia launches its high end smartphone the Nokia 8, which aims rebuild this brand. It features front and back camers that can do a back-and-forth 'selfie' dubbed the 'bothie'.

The IPA has finally set its sights on Facebook and Google, urging them to get their houses in order and give better numbers to advertisers. But do they care?

Cloudflare’s CEO says cutting neo-nazi sites from their service was an arbitrary decision, done because the site in question were ‘assholes’

Mitchell and Webb are back in Back, a new Channel 4 sitcom by Peep Show co-writer Simon Blackwell:

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