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Our Journey to a Greener Future


At the beginning of our research I quickly realised I didn’t know as much about sustainability as I thought and conversations with friends showed that despite a wealth of information on the subject, there is still a sense of uncertainty around what people feel they can actually do to make a real difference.

So whilst we demand change from brands and governments, what can we do in our own lives to act greener and more importantly what holds us back?

Nielsen identified 4 main barriers that hold us back in our use of green goods. Convenience, awareness, ability to spend and price. And whilst a lot of us want to shop more ethically (I count myself in this group), we still seem to struggle to overcome these very fundamental barriers.

Could the delay in actually changing behaviour be due to the fact that according to Mintel 67% of people say it’s more motivating to be sustainable when you can see immediate results?

Don’t despair though, the great news is we’ve come a long way and our collective demands for a greener future, has led companies to start acting more responsible, from plastic free pledges to slow fashion movements and ocean clean ups. But there’s still a long way to go.

In our eBook we’ve selected our favourite green brands to show those leading the charge toward business models which put sustainability at their heart.

Click here to access our eBook for more information and if you come away inspired to make a change straight away why not set up Ecosia as your default search engine. They use the profit from our searches to plant trees where they are needed most.

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