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Opportunities to increase diversity in your team


I frequently talk to employers about ways of increasing diversity in their workforce. DMA Talent’s work in NeuroDiversity is one way of being able to welcome new talent into the industry but there are many other opportunities out there.

The Foyer Federation works with a national network of Foyers to provide homeless young people (aged 16-25) with a safe home, coaching and guidance, and innovative programmes and events to help them grow into sustainable, independent adulthood.

Kate Russell, Programmes and Innovation Manager from Foyer explains their ethos, “We believe that every young person has a talent to share and a unique set of strengths that make them who they are. We work with Foyers to draw out and build on those strengths through our exciting programmes, inspiring training workshops and meaningful partnerships”.

Foyer’s Corporate Connections programme aims to help young people to understand their skills and talents and raise their aspirations and to provide routes for young people to access work experience, training or employment. They have teamed up with The Mitie Foundation to put on Business Challenge days, giving young people a chance to shine in front of potential employers.

James Kidby at The Mitie Foundation explains, “The main purpose of the Mitie Foundation Business Challenge days are to allow the young people to meet people from business, in what might be their first networking opportunity. The day allows candidates to develop their employability skills as well as show casing their talents. During the course of the day, the young people work in groups to develop a product/service, culminating in them presenting their ideas back. Candidates also obtain a certificate of attendance and a level 1 certificate of employability. Our volunteer business partners are giving back to their local community by supporting disadvantaged young people looking to enter the world of work. The day also serves to break down stigmas and it can also prove to be an alternative recruitment stream”.

If you’re based in or near Hackney, Enfield, Croydon, Hatfield, Romford, Crawley, Worthing or Guildford and you would like to input into one of those days please get in touch with You can also contact Kate if you’re happy to work with one of their young people on a work experience placement or shadow days. Whether you can commit to one day, two weeks or a month or more, involving a young person in the day-to-day running of the business not only gives them a chance to shine, it also gives you an opportunity to see whether they’d be a good fit long-term and increase the diversity of your team. You can also follow Foyer on Twitter @FoyerFederation or

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