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Only the finest covfefe here


Mountains of covfefe this week. And we all know what that means.

Before there was any covfefe there was The Beatles. They made what many consider the best album ever 50 years ago (personally I prefer the White Album, but whatever). Read the inside story here.

Brand architecture - the ability of companies to hold several apparently distinct brands to give the illusion of choice. It works OK for shampoo, but less well for beer, which has a political edge. Mark Ritson explores the problems of brand architecture at AB Inbev, which owns 45% of the US beer market and is moving rapidly into the 'craft' beer market.

Here are 14 examples of controversy in branding, some successful, others less so.

The founder of Blogger, Twitter and Medium on why the internet is ‘broken’.

Meanwhile, Twitter has hired a former Bloomberg exec to run its video business, in an effort to keep up with the likes of Facebook and Snapchat.

Is Facebook really attempting to resurrect the much-derided QR Code?

Andrew O’Hagen on the editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre. Beware – contains liberal use of a very old but highly offensive word.

Vodafone’s new ad, featuring Martin Freeman somewhere hot and sunny for a wedding and naturally dicking it all up:

Pulitzer Prizewinning author of The Sportswriter and Independence Day Richard Ford hates Twitter.

According to statistician Nate Silver President Trump’s base is sliding.

New research shows trust in media is actually very high, but it is dependent on which ‘media’ you refer to.

As leaks and hacks are common, this piece explains what TOR is, the system used to keep your computer safe from prying eyes. Used by both criminals to break the law and journalists to hold those in power to account.

Have you spotted AMP links? AMP is Google-speak for Accelerated Mobile Pages – those designed for mobile reading. Google invests a lot of time in these pages, and has cut the load time in half recently.

Meanwhile this article suggests the system should be put to bed without any supper.

Snapchat is now home to Elizabeth Murdoch, founder of Masterchef producer and daughter of Rupert.

Would you paint your hallway in ‘Sindis Poop’? Not a trick question – this is the name an AI felt was appropriate for a colour swatch. AI applications are legion. It can even be used to write (terrible) scripts. But it’s a start. Someone decided to let a neural network (a computer analogue of a brain) name colours. The results were … disappointing.

Time to change the way we measure media, and make context a component.

Very hard-hitting video by BBDO Melbourne for the Transport Accident Commission in Australia, who’s Meet Graham campaign shows the human form, adapted to withstand car accidents. Nobody looks like that. The ad won ‘best of show’ at the New York festivals and may well feature at Cannes.

How do you tackle online extremism? Charles Arthur claims to know.

Is the new Publicis P&G unit simply a return to the ‘full service’ model?

Blessings from a Robot, the machine appears to have been designed in the 1930s.

Five steps to successful journey mapping.

The Essential phone could be the most significant smartphone launch in years, created by the creator of Android and seems to be a credible attempt to produce a modular handset.

When former NME writer Pat Long suffered a brain tumour, he experienced severe deja-vu, to the extent that reality lost its meaning.

Covfefe. Everywhere covfefe.

The Icelandic publisher that prints books only on the full moon, and then immediately burns the copies that failed to sell.

Dealing with modern life using the new version of the Nokia 3310.

According to two years of research by Ebiquity almost half of programmatic ad spend is gobbled by middlemen and other fees, "In other words, 58 cents of each dollar ultimately purchased media inventory and audience exposure from a publisher, with 42 cents of programmatic investment consumed by supply chain data and transaction fees."

Download the report here.

Tory 'attack' social ads. Theresa May has also opted for a letter to drum up support in marginals. Dominic Mills is impressed with what they have done.

BMB chairman Trevor Beattie prepares to launch last-minute Labour social ads.

Three times when the ads have swung the election.

Can terrible writing be an inspiration? It can if it teaches you what not to do, says Andrew Boulton.

More news from Uber and how it its UberPool project was a 'cash burning machine' in a prolongued battle with competitor Lyft.

Will AI replace copywriters? Well not any time soon judging by the evidence.

The Stratolaunch aircraft, designed to place spacecraft into space, begins tests. It's huge.

Unlikely Standard editor George Osborne marvels at the process of newprint.

You probably love the Killers song Mr Brightside. Some might argue that it’s their only good song. I couldn’t possibly comment. But this song has lain inside the UK top 100 every year since its release in 2003, by any measure a remarkable record:

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