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Only mail can get your brand stuck on the fridge next to the kidsâ paintings


Digital Media has changed the advertising world – ok, you knew that, writes MD for media at MarketReach Jonathan Harman.

But what it hasn’t changed is people. We’re still physical creatures that thrive on human contact and stimulation. In the never-ending stream of two-way virtual communication, sending a multi-sensory experience of your brand can mark a pivotal moment in the customer journey.

Over the last 18 months we’ve used a combination of new and traditional methods of research to understand why this moment matters for brands.

Here’s what we think they should know.

In the home, mail is opened, passed around and displayed. Only mail can get your message digested in the dining room and lauded on the loo. It’s also kept – 17 days for advertising mail, 38 days for door drops and 45 days for bills and statements.

People place more value on things they can touch. Send an offer by mail and recipients will perceive it as worth more than the same offer on screen.

People get emotional around mail. 57% say receiving mail makes them feel more valued.

Mail changes perception. 60% say that the best mail helps keep a sender’s brand top of mind.

It has a media multiplier effect, there’s a strong interaction and priming effect between mail and TV.

We’re nearing the end of this campaign, but it’s just the beginning of our work to strengthen and deepen the role of mail in the marketing mix. We have more research findings to come and I’ll be sharing them with you here soon.

The marketing community is always looking for new ways to reach people. In our humble opinion, if you want to push the envelope you should try pushing one through your customer’s letterbox.

Follow me for more insight into the role of mail in the digital age.

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