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One Platform to Manage Your Data, Your Communications, Your Website and Your Campaigns


Strategic communications can make or break your business. Whether it’s proactively reaching out and informing existing customers about events, new products, changes to their services or prospecting for new customers the opportunity is the same – personalising drives better engagement. Imagine having one platform to drive all communication, making it simpler than ever to get personal with your customers.

Our Multi-Channel Marketing solution is the first integrated platform to enable companies to quickly and easily build and distribute personalised communications across multiple channels. It’s designed to enable your Marketing and Communication teams to leverage customers data and automate their programs to improve engagement and generate better results with inbound and outbound customer communications and marketing programs.

Designing and building campaigns shouldn’t require a PhD – but for many solutions it does! Many small to medium-sized businesses have the same marketing needs as larger ones but don’t have the resources to invest in complex and costly enterprise marketing solutions.

Our software enables your content owners, and creative teams to build their campaigns quickly and easily – regardless of whether it’s an email, website, printed postcard or mobile text message. Marketers can use pURLs or QR codes to enable personalised print and landing pages to capture responses in real-time and view the results in the dashboard.

If you are wanting to focus on data-driven personalised comms and would like to see how our solutions fit your business please just call us on 0845 643 7490 or email

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