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Not seeing the results you want from your direct mail campaign?


It’s time to clean up your data.

How? With a data health check report. Its importannce to the performance of any marketing campaign cannot be underestimated. Having clean and up-to-date data will ensure your mailing is going out to the right people at the right addresses.

So how does it work? A Data Health Check report will highlight any bad contacts within your data. It doesn’t matter if your database is only a few thousands records in size or whether it’s more than a million plus, your data file will be run against a number of clever systems identifying the following:

Deceased (those who have passed away)
Goneaways (those who have moved addresses)
Duplicates (address repeats)
Invalid addresses (Incomplete/ incorrect addresses)

The report will provide a clear and concise breakdown of costs should you wish to proceed with cleansing those records. You can pick and choose exactly which cleansing service you want and your clean data file should be returned to you ready for your next mailing.

So why have your data cleansed? It will help you make considerable savings by avoiding wastage on unnecessary print, production and postage costs. It will improve the overall quality of your data, giving you extra budget to increase your direct mail activity.

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