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News from Cannes, World Cup ponderings, Instagram's latest video channel, and a look at how far we've come with gender and sexuality.

Resurrect your mankini. Hunt down your local ice-cream van. Complain about the heat. British summertime has officially arrived.

Yes. You. Cannes. The French Riviera is alive with the sound of adland once more with new awards being announced each day - see the big winners so far.

And if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about – hear from the experts.

Much like rats and Tories, you’re never more than 6 feet away from a McDonalds in London. In Canada, however, you might need a little nudge to the nearest big mac.

Making sure no one goes hungry, Cossette took home the Grand Prix at Cannes for Follow the Arches, an OOH campaign that transformed the famous golden arches into directional billboards.

Meanwhile in Russia, fast-food rivals Burger King offer free burgers for life to women who get pregnant by football players. Yes, really.

For those of you who watched the England match in a pub on Monday night – 10 questions you always wanted to ask a football hooligan.

The BBC’s Vicki Sparks has made history by becoming the first ever woman to commentate live on a World Cup game. Que loverat’s favourite: John Terry.

Nobody panic. NOBODY PANIC.

The world’s largest and most famous art museum. The world’s biggest and baddest power couple. Beyonce and Jay Z make it their business to decolonise the historically white space of the Louvre, with their latest music video, APES**T.

Welcome to Blaine, the town Amazon Prime built.

Google’s EMEA boss Matt Brittin promises to ‘listen more’ as it rolls out new ad controls on YouTube.

Instagram up their video content game. The social channel announce the launch of IGTV – an app for creators, allow one hour video uploads.

The bidding war continues. Disney has bumped up its earlier bid to buy 21st Century Fox from $52 billion to an eye-watering $71.3 billion.

Feeling rejected? Feel creative!

Ending with a touch of pride. Looking at how far we’ve come with sexuality and gender, BMB have launched their Somewhere Over The Rainbow campaign with Pride in London’s first TV spot airing on Channel 4 on Thursday evening.

‘This isn’t just a piece of cause-related marketing,’ says director of marketing for Pride in London, Ian Walters ‘this is taking the issues of our community and surfacing them in a sensitive and impactful way.’

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