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No cash â but still lots of beer


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"This is the first time ever in the world that such a big event has been 100% cashless," says Jean-Rémi Kouchakji, CEO of the French event company MyBee, who delivered the mobile card solution to the festival.

"We used RFID cards from Stralfors. RFID cards work perfectly with Android. This made it possible to have tablets as RFID stations at Hellfest. And the tablets were used both as selling points and to recharge the cards," says Jean-Rémi Kouchakji.

A huge success

And it was a huge success. During Hellfest, MyBee had less than 0.4% reported issues.

"The few problems we had related to incorrect addressing," says Jean-Rémi Kouchakji.

"All of the complaints were handled at the festival. The cards previously sent out were blocked and new ones were available on site," explains Jean-Rémi Kouchakji.

High security

During the festival the system was completely offline, with no interconnecting network between the different stations.

"We're the only provider in Europe with this solution. This means we can offer a high security solution at a low cost. And what's more – it doesn't require any investments in infrastructure."

Web interface

Stralfors did the printing and encoding of the cards, as well as the carriers for the cards and shipment to the customers. A web interface was also created, enabling the visitors to buy the cards.

"We already have a strong relation with Stralfors in France. We hope to build on this and use Stralfors' amazing presence in Europe to reach even further," says Jean-Rémi Kouchakji.

Julian Lions at Stralfors in France agrees:
"We'd really like to make more of this solution. Stralfors is present in seven European countries and I believe we could find more interesting partnership projects."

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