New report on customer engagement in the travel industry

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New report on customer engagement in the travel industry suggest a keenness for modernity


Summer 2017 is fast coming to a close and the travel industry will soon be reflecting on the year’s takings.

New research from the DMA answers several questions on the key issues for the sector, including which travel brands are favoured by consumers and what it is that gets prioritised when people book a holiday.

The results are varied in their outcome. What is both surprising and reassuring is the level of brand awareness. For example, when asked to name their favourite travel brands, consumers mentioned a total of 71 different companies.

The report features insights from industry professionals who have kindly supported the Customer Engagement series thus far, including sponsors Emarsys, Epsilon, Feefo and Wiraya. You’ll also be able to find out more on how consumers feel about future tech like virtual reality, and discover the big three criteria people look for when booking a trip.

Explore the topic in person by attending the DMA launch event, held on Tuesday September 5th at Victoria Embankment. You’ll be joined by representatives from Travelzoo and TLC Marketing for a morning of learning to boost your business strategy and delve further into this in-depth report.

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