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Never trust nicey-nicey


Just a perfect day, re-imagining the world of tech, Campaign's top 50 places to work in 2018 and arguably the best cover letter of all time.

‘But Gary, I just don’t see how we’re going to be able to upstage only blowing the bloody doors off?’

The biggest collaboration since Queen and Five – Beyonce and Jay-Z take public displays of affection to an unnecessary level.

Because we aren’t on our phones enough - snap this eighties throw-back onto your mobular device and you’ll never have to look up again.

Millennials, what do your sartorial choices say about you? Nothing good.

‘Structurally bonkers and bloody-freakin’-brilliant’ doesn’t fall under your usual horror film review, but one that peaks the interest for Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman’s Ghost Stories.

Don’t worry, everything is exactly as it seems… Isn’t it?

Another star added to the sky.

Managing consumer expectations; ain’t no quick fixes here. Talking long-term customer experience creation, personalised experiences and consistency, Adweek delves deeper.

Goodbye to the LBi. DigitasLBi rebrands globally to Digitas in a bid to form a more unified network.

‘Unless we try to do something about it, nothing is going to change, and we might still be having the same conversation 20 years later.’ Vanessa Whyte speaks to Lecture In Progress on co-founding a platform for female cinematographers and why visibility and representation matter more than ever before.

One woman. One glass ceiling. One hammer. Meet ITC CEO, Jennifer Atkinson.

Professional development, workplace satisfaction and just loads and loads and loads of fun, is that so much to ask? Not for some - the results are in.

Why do things in technology have to look a certain way? Simply? They don’t. Defining her craft, London-based artist, Lucy Hardcastle speaks for Nicer Tuesdays on the third industrial revolution and her unique approach to the human relationship with the rapid rise of tech.

There’s cover letters – and then there’s cover letters.

The sandbox is dead, three years olds have smartphones and the apocalypse is coming. With that in mind, what makes an app great for kids might just surprise you.

Your digital life neatly complied in a series of compact files, how wonderfully nicey-nicey. Never trust nicey-nicey. Know your Facebook, know your data.

Brushing your teeth – you’re doing it wrong.

If a television is switched off and there is nobody there to watch it, can it still be seen? Wait-what?

Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. The perfect song - for a re-make.

And no, not that one.

Echoing those sentiments, BBC Creative have used the classic, once again – this time to emphasise the diversity of content shown on BBC Three.

Drawing on the past, looking to the future.

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