More adults are taking education into their own hands. Here's why. | More adults are taking education into their own hands. Here's why. | DMA

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More adults are taking education into their own hands. Here's why.


Maybe you’ve noticed a recent trend: many of your coworkers are making time to attend a webinar or a remote class. According to Pew Research, 3 out of 4 adults consider themselves to be lifelong learners, and 63 % attend at least one training course per year.

Instead of investing in costly higher education, more and more adults are taking education into their own hands. This makes sense as 57 % of managers are concerned that they will not have the skills needed to succeed in 5 years. While a staggering 96 % of entry level employees believe that university did not prepare them for the workforce, according to CLO Media. Employees who care about their future are not content to fade into obsolescence.

In fact, the advantages of remote sessions are tremendous. Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons why people attend online sessions.

Democratizing Knowledge

Anybody can take a remote session. There are no admissions processes, no applications. The knowledge is available to anybody who would like to sign up for a course. At the New Marketing Institute (NMI), we believe that everybody should have the information they need to perform their jobs. Our sessions don’t care where you are, what your background is, or who you are, just that you come eager to learn.

Global Information Share

The internet has changed the way we live and work, particularly the way we communicate across the world. That may seem like a facile statement, but it cannot be underestimated. NMI has taught professionals from all over: South Africa, Singapore, Japan, India, France, Brazil, Argentina, Germany…the list goes on. Having people everywhere learn how to speak the same “language,” in our case, the language of digital marketing, is vital to creating better global teams.

Minimal Time Commitment

As we mentioned earlier, higher education is time-consuming and expensive. A university’s continuing education space is typically less costly, but still requires a time commitment of roughly 20 hours per class. Most workers don’t have that time as the pace of modern life can often be overwhelming. And, as cited above, those who have invested in higher education, still consider themselves to have gaps in their learning and were not prepared by those higher education sources. Online classes are typically concise and cost efficient, thus allowing more people to take advantage of the benefits.

Instant Feedback

One of the best advantages of live remote sessions is the ability to interact directly with the facilitator. The Q&A period is a gold standard to ensure participants retain knowledge after the session. Online live classes allow them to continue the age old practice, just via digital means. In fact, we often see shy participants more eager to participate by being able to ask questions in a relatively anonymous environment, without fear of judgment.

Research shows, there will be more and more learners to engage via these types of remote sessions. If you are curious about attending one yourself, take a look at our upcoming Practical Programmatic course that runs on Thursday 18th August. Also, look out for our next webinar with the DMA 'Giving credit where it's due - A look at Attribution', which will take place on the 24th August.

Marketers, here is your chance to take advantage of all of the convenience and benefits that online courses provide!

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