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Monday, you're not so bad


The cononel comeback, a champagne vending machine, putting a price on racism and a song for a Monday.

One week. Four letters. Approximately 700 million inboxes. No one’s ready for GDPR.

The new legislation finally touched down last Friday, prompting a virtual flood of privacy policy updates inundating inboxes across Europe. The Daily Mash offer their perspective.

From walking with a purpose but nowhere to go, to finding a lockable loo suitable for power-napping: 9 brilliant schemes for slacking off work.

A.J. Brian. Howie. Nick. Kevin. Not just the bunch of blokes who work at your local car dealership. Backstreet’s back… alright?

Riding on the finger lickin’ good crest of that comeback wave; the colonel is back in town – and this time, it’s serious.

KFC has brought back brand icon, Colonel Sanders to UK TV for the first time in 40 years, in a major ad campaign marking the end of its chicken shortage crisis.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Nessie just can’t catch a break.

Coping with a complicated colleague – we’ve all been there. Creative Review agony aunt Anna Higgs offers her three-prong approach on dealing with difficult characters.

In-house creative teams: demands from everybody in the business can be overwhelming - we feel you. Tips to pull you through.

Making a living out of make-up. Describing her route into the industry, Marie Bruce tells Creative Lives about her path from uninspiring day job to globe-trotting make-up artist.

What better way to trail novel technology than testing the patience of British drivers? Smart traffic lights? Maybe. Smart drivers remain to be seen.

In the light of the #MeToo movement, Channel 4’s ‘Diversity in Advertising’ competition has returned for the third year, this time asking advertisers to focus on how women are portrayed.

Remake after remake after remake. Just when you thought you’d had your fill, Andy Serkis - of Gollum fame - has stepped behind the camera and into the deepest, darkest corners of the jungle.

Simply titled, Mowgli.

Terrified of an early death? Have a lie-in mate.

One for the lovies this summer. Moët & Chandon is taking over a London townhouse to host a number of events, complete with the “world’s first” champagne vending machine.

In the world of parody, Oasis offer up their refreshingly honest take on togetherness. Sorry not sorry Heineken.

Door to door in one snazzy little ticket – we’re listening. Virgin and Uber have announced a new joint scheme which will see passengers pay one fare to get them from A to B, hassle-free.

And they said you couldn’t put a price on racism.

‘Never apologise for dodgy ideas’ says Johnson Banks creative director, Michael Johnson as he provides you with his handy checklist for creating and emailing your portfolio.

Our creative fix this week comes in the form of a paper-stop motion music video by Eric Power. The animation took Eric a little over a month to create, with two of those weeks spent cutting out all of the paper pieces.

One for the Monday morning playlist.

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