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Microcopy: brands that do it right


Microcopy isn't advertising for ants. Nor should it be. Nor should it scream BUY NOW! BUY NOW FACELESS VIEWER! In what is known as a 'CTA'.

A 'CTA' by close of play (COP) is a phase copywriters often hear. Yet we all know, we're not here to play.

Ironically, it is playful brands (and copy) that are working particularly well for food and drink products.

Some background: creativity is regularly described as the only unfair business advantage. Creativity is regularly defined as bringing together two things that haven't been brought together before. For good 'microcopy', it's seeing an opportunity for creativity in an overlooked medium.

Otherwise technical copy (such as website buttons or product descriptions) are used by brands like Innocent and Brewdog to tell a story - right in the customer's hand.

Appears on innocent's strawberries & bananas smoothie.

Appears on Brewdog's Dead Pony Ale.

Route-planning app citymapper has an exceptional user experience, and copy to match. The subject matter is dry, but it doesn't stop the inclusion of foods you're burning from a walk. Check the copy after '7% of daily intake'.

The lesson (as taught in the DMA's Future Writers' Labs) is to look at space differently.

All the world is a page, and whatnot.

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