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Mastering a multi-location web build



With 419 care homes across the UK, Four Seasons Health Care required a new website which would meet their multi-location needs efficiently and cost-effectively – our area of expertise. This included boosting the appeal of brand-level pages while creating highly visible outlet-level sites with the level of detail and personalisation that their users require.

The existing website was extremely content-heavy and slow to load, with broken areas and a high number of redundant pages which were not optimised for SEO. Content was out of date due to a lack of flexibility from the web platform and users were struggling to find the information they needed.



Using our dedicated multi-location platform, Cerium, we were able to build a responsive, fully optimised website which focused on user experience, making use of clear calls to action, intuitive internal linking and an improved reading hierarchy to put the right information in front of users.

New features like ‘find a care home’ enable users to search for detailed information specific to the locations they are interested in, such as news, facilities, types of care, fees and contact details. It’s also a huge boost for SEO, as searchers are able to find local FSHC homes thanks to location-based copy and keywords.

While creating and maintaining multiple bespoke pages for local-level care home sites would normally be costly and time consuming, our Cerium platform uses content masking and dynamic copy to create a cost-effective yet personalised outlet-up website. In other words, a generic template is created and masks and dynamic content is used to pull through the relevant site-specific information, e.g. the name, location or contact details of the care home, which makes keeping the site updated a much simpler task.

The new site was designed with a polished look and feel in line with new branding while catering for partially sighted users through text contrast and font sizes; it’s now far easier for all users to navigate.


Since the launch, engagement has improved thanks to fresh, highly relevant content. So far, page views have increased by 22%, with a25% rise in the average number of pages viewed per session.

Mobile sessions have increased by 40% thanks to the mobile-friendly design, and organic traffic from all search engines has gone up, together with an increase in the number of individuals visiting the homepage.

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